How hairstyle and makeup can transform an outfit


"Don't ever say hairstyle and makeup don't matter because they definitely do. Certain hairstyles and makeup fit some outfits better than others. This is why I tend to wear lipstick a lot. It's not that I feel I need it but certain outfits require a particular color of lipstick and I feel incomplete when I don't oblige.

I also find that I gravitate towards certain outfits when I'm wearing a particular hairstyle. For instance, when I think about my previous post "fun facts about my outfit" I don't regret that it took me two years to wear that outfit because my previous hairstyles won't have done it justice.

The pictures below are perfect examples of how a person's hairstyle and makeup can transform an outfit. It was one of those days when I had all the time in the world. I dressed up and went with a subtle pink for my lips and let my hair down. I didn't feel right though. There was something "blah" about the outfit. After I took pictures my thoughts were confirmed.

I decided to put my hair in a bun and switched to blue lipstick. I also removed my shoe straps (an optional feature). I went from "blah" to "va va voom!" I was extremely pleased with my new look."