A balloon inspired ankara outfit


"Do you recognize this ankara fabric? Remember the two piece ankara pants I wore recently? Well, this is one of the fabrics.

I really love this fabric (a gift from big sis). First, it has my three favorite colors - black, white and yellow. Second, I love the pattern/design. I think there's something modern and unique about it.

I wanted to design an outfit with drama but not too much because I didn't want to overwhelm the fabric. I also wanted a design with a touch of class. I've loved balloon dresses and skirts since I was a kid, so I decided to go with this design.  The neck was supposed to be higher and straight but my tailor forgot about that, oh well - sighs.

I didn't think too hard before I came up with this design. But pairing my lace covered pumps with this fabric was an instant light bulb. These shoes immediately came to mind once I saw a picture of the fabric. They go so well together, and I knew I had to design something that would show off the shoes.

I couldn't resist adding a grip of edginess to this otherwise classy outfit, so I wore my choker and complimented it with my petal bag."

Photographed by Caleb.