Trend Alert!! Checkered prints and how to pair them


"Checkered print is another popular trend this season. I'm glad I got a head start when I designed a bunch of checkered print outfits in 2015. So what inspired my designs back then? Checkered fabrics are worn as school uniforms in Nigeria, which is where I attended boarding school. I wanted to correct the "school uniform stigma/stereotype" associated with the print by creating unique and fashionable pieces with it. Those pieces were featured on the blog in early 2016.

I'm pretty pleased that checkered prints are trending right now, and not just the type I wore in boarding school but different versions of it, bold and tiny. Here's what to keep in mind when pairing checkered prints.

1. Pair different versions: Like I mentioned, there are different types of checkered prints. The squares come in different sizes and colors. Some are bold while others are so tiny that it's hard to tell that it's checkered. Checkered prints pair well together when the square sizes are different.

2. Pair colors that compliment each other: Although most checkered prints have the color white, it doesn't have a lot of bearing on pairing. In other words, my "common color rule" for mixed prints doesn't really apply. The most important thing is that all the colors compliment each other and blend easily. 

In today's post, I'm wearing two checkered print pieces. The skirt is one of my designs from 2015, while I purchased the shirt from a boutique. As you can see, the print on my skirt is bolder than the print on my shirt. The checkered print on my shirt is so tiny that it almost looks like I'm wearing a gray shirt. This was a safe combo in terms of color because my shirt is black and white - which we've established pretty much goes with everything. It's no wonder that the shirt blends easily with my red checkered skirt.

Go get your checkered piece if you haven't done so already. It's the perfect outfit for a barbecue or picnic. If you don't know where to find one, check out H&M and Zara.

Photographed by Chichi A.