A bit of mint on a sunny spring day


When I think about Spring, I think of slightly warmer temperatures, lovely tailored macs and outfits in dreamy pastel shades.

This outfit is my attempt to embrace Spring - this mint green light sweater to keep the chills away, my trusty stripy pencil skirt that goes with everything, comfy black tights and combat green booties in just the right height (I'm useless in very high heels!). 

A nod to Spring but wholly aware it's still hella cold most of time lol

P.S. I have to admit I had a good hair day on this day. Just the right amount poffiness and definition - my naturalista know what I'm on about ;) Good hair days don't happen all the time but when they happen....you document the living day lights out of it!! Lol

Photographed by my wonderful fairy ankara-godmother....who I'll convince to appear on the blog one of these days :)