A 50's themed bridal shower


"I was so conflicted about what to wear to bloggie's 50's themed bridal shower. I love 50s fashion and my closet is filled with tons of 50's inspired outfits. Plus, most of the clothes from that era tend to look good on my "full figured" body.

I decided to go for an evening look, so I wore this flowered dress with black satin gloves and pearl accessories. I went with a hairstyle and makeup that would fit right in the 50's. Red lips were all the rage back then.

I finished my look with this diary inspired clutch I picked up from Marshalls a few days before. It literally has "vintage" written all over it. Perfect right?

I couldn't resist taking a picture with bloggie's gorgeous sister. Bloggie and her sister were absolutely beautiful! Bloggie looked like she stepped out of the 50's - her look almost proves that time travel is possible. The pictures don't do her justice. Stay tuned for pictures of bloggie and I :). 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving."

Photographed by Val.