I love Jesus


"I have to say that of all the graphic items in my closet this cap is hands down my favorite. Why? Because it specifically expresses my love for Jesus, the one who loves me the most and gave his life for me on the Cross of Calvary. My love for Jesus is something I am not ashamed of and hope to live up to by my actions. God bless whoever made this cap.

I bought this cap from a guy selling random items on the street. When I saw it I knew without a doubt that I had to own it. I find it exciting to incorporate who and what I love into fashion. For instance, when I featured Lulu in a previous post or when some of my posts have movie titles.

Remember this pink pinstripe men inspired dress shirt? I hinted I would wear it again with a vest and a bow tie. Here, I'm wearing it with a denim vest but I swapped my bow tie for this cap instead. This cap tied everything together nicely. It was the perfect look for a casual Saturday at the mall. Stay tuned for an upcoming post featuring the same dress but with a twist."

Photographed by Mum.