A grateful birthday....


"I love celebrating my birthday. I know there're people that dread getting older but that's not me. I love it! Besides, I have no choice because my other option is death so ... Anyway, I'm grateful to God for life, family and friends. I'm also grateful for all the things I love such as God (yes, I'm grateful to God for God), dogs, movies, clothes and food. So how did I celebrate my birthday this year? I started the day by reading the Bible and praying with my mum (God and family). Then we went shopping and I bought awesome stuff at great prices (clothes). Hung out with a high school friend whom I hadn't seen in 15 years (friends) and finally had a late lunch with my mum at one of my favorite restaurants (food).  It was a simple but wonderful day and I was happy which is the most important thing. I got to enjoy most of the things I love and maybe next year I'll volunteer at a dog shelter. I had on my Polished Purple Sephora Lipstain (I highly recommend it) and I felt good in my black cut out dress which I bought over a year ago but never had a chance to wear. One might say cut out dresses are so last year but whatever. Who really cares! It's my birthday and I'll wear what I want!!😀"

Bloggie's comment:

"Yahh! Happy birthday luvie! You can wear what you want to and look completely fabulous. Doesn't she?"