Two looks for my Nigerian traditional outfit


"I designed this dress myself. I was pretty excited about it and was also pretty disappointed when my tailor messed it up. I had to find another tailor to fix the mess. The new tailor did the best he could and I had to make some changes but in the end I was satisfied.

I prefer not to tie a scarf on my head when wearing my African clothes. On this day I had to because I was attending a church service where it's customary that a lady cover her head. It was the first time I'd ever worn a proper scarf. I must admit it looked good but it was so uncomfortable especially around my ears because they were tucked in neatly underneath the scarf. For some reason it doesn't look the same when the ears stick out lol.

After the church service was the reception and I was ready to let loose. I removed the scarf and let my hair down. I switched my necklace to one that fitted my new look. I went with an elegant pearl necklace which is an unusual choice for African lace.

Which look do you like better?"