Wearing beautiful colors on a beautiful summer day


"Hmmm. What can I say about this outfit. I don't know where to begin because there's so much going on - colors! colors!! And more colors!!! It makes sense because the graphic on my top has people wearing fashionable clothes in very bold colors. In other words my top by itself celebrates fashion and colors.

If you are a regular reader then you know I love playing around with prints. I find it very exciting and it always feels like I'm on a fashion adventure! When I picked the top and skirt off the rack I had no idea I would be wearing them together until I got to the dressing room. To save time, I tried both together and what a sight! I instantly fell in love with the combination. Looking back it's no surprise that the top and skirt were a good fit because of the similar colors.

The skirt is high waisted and I usually tuck in a top into high waisted skirt or wear them with crop tops. I didn't do that this time and I think that's one of the things I love about this outfit. I love the sophisticated and mature fit. Some people actually assumed I was wearing a dress.

My skirt inspired my finger nails and my top inspired the color I chose for my toe nails. I wanted a green that would match the green on my top and also contrast nicely with my shoes (another fabulous gift from my fashionable friend Noma). I've worn these shoes several times in the past but no outfit has been more perfect for it than this one.

I finished my look with colorful sunglasses and a purse - two accessories from my previous post Ready Set No!!!!"

Photographed by beautiful bloggie