3 ways to get away with wearing shorts/mini skirts when you have full thighs


"Even though I admire them, I don't feel comfortable in shorts or mini skirts. It's mostly because I feel uneasy about exposing my full thighs. I guess my fashion bravery has a limit.

Thankfully, I've found ways to get away with wearing shorts and tiny skirts.  If you're like me, then you'd find this simple rule useful - wear tights, pantyhose or fishnet tights underneath your mini piece. Your choice would depend on the weather or season. For instance:

Tights are perfect in cool weather. They'll shield you from the cold whilst making you feel comfortable about your full thighs. It's best to wear tights that are a different color that way the color contrast will draw attention to your shorts or skirt.

Fishnet tights are great for any weather or season. They also add a kick to your outfit because of the fun dramatic designs they come in. If you choose fishnet tights, you might want to lean toward a plain skirt or shorts because busy ones might clash with your fishnet tights. I'm not saying it can't be done (I've done it before), but there's a trick to it and that's a lesson for another post.

Pantyhose, especially nude ones, are awesome because they'll create the illusion that you're not wearing anything underneath your shorts or mini skirts. They'll also work in the Summer because they are light enough to keep you from getting hot.

Now to my outfit. My greatest accessory was the wall. Gorgeous background right? It accentuated the fun playful look I was going for when I chose this outfit. My denim embroidered pumps, denim bowtie earrings and my red bowler hat played a major role too. Ah! Let's not forget about my blue mascara."

Photographed by talented Bloggie.