Wearing my ankara shorts in an edgy rockstar kinda way


"Here's another outfit I absolutely love. Everything about this outfit fits perfectly. Maybe it's the way the yellow flowers on my ankara shorts compliment my hair color. Perhaps the way those same flowers match the rose petals on my purse. Let's not forget my mesh tassled top and my mesh suede booties might have something to do with it - the mesh on mesh is ideal. It doesn't matter because the outfit just works.

I've had these ankara shorts for years. I hardly wear shorts so when I designed it I wanted something I'd be comfortable in. I decided I wanted it to be loose fitted (baggy) and right on my knee. I was pleased with it but never had the opportunity to actually "rock" it. I've worn it casually with a white tee but nothing quite like the way I'm wearing it now.

This is the perfect look for early fall -when it's sunny and not too cold. It's a cool and confident look with enough spark. Find a bright colored ankara piece in your closet and tone it down with makeup and accessories to get that perfect early fall look.

I'm glad that I finally got to rock these ankara shorts and rock it I did!"

Photographed by our very own bloggie