A flowered dress for fall/winter


"I'm not sure if you can tell from the pictures that this was an extremely windy day. I almost lost my mind while taking these shots (see my facial expression in some of them), but I braved the cold wind and forged ahead.

This is the perfect dress for fall or winter. The colors are cool and vibrant. I will say that finding shoes to go with it was a challenge.  The length of the dress is so particular that I tried on different shoes before I found the perfect ones - these black peep toe booties.

I accessorized with my black rose petal bag and a navy blue braided necklace - I could have done without the necklace, but I was like, "whatever." I completed my ensemble with these big and bold red clip-on earrings. So vintage right? I absolutely love them and they were only two bucks!"

Photographed by Bloggie - thanks for braving the cold with me!