A rose petal outfit for Valentine's Day


"The truth is I'm not big on Valentine's Day- AT ALL! Call me an idealist, but I believe that when you love someone, everyday should be like Valentine's Day. In spite of my lack of enthusiasm for the "designated day of love," I couldn't resist using it as an opportunity to show off my rose petal outfit. Yup! I'm willing to give up some principles for the sake of fashion.

When I saw these pictures I told Bloggie that I thought they'd make a great post for Valentine's Day. Bloggie enthusiastically agreed, but I became reluctant because I originally had a different post in mind for today. I obviously gave in.

So why did I instantly think of Valentine's Day when I saw these pictures? The rose petals of course. If you haven't noticed, my entire outfit has a rose petal theme and we all know Valentine's Day is all about roses.

My rose petal skirt goes perfectly with my knitted flowered crop top. I love the navy blue and dark red contrast. I think that both are great colors for Winter.

I accessorized with rose petal earrings and rose petal satin shoes. I couldn't resist taking close up shots with these "too cute for words" rose petal cat ears from Forever 21. I finished my look with a heart shaped ring on my pinkie.

Notice I'm smiling in a few of these shots. Bloggie says I should smile more, what do you think?"

Photographed By Awesomely Beautiful Bloggie.