A hippy dippy really hot day


Amazing how pictures tell a completely different story to what's happening in reality. Take these shots for example, I look happy, relaxed and hippylicious (not a word, I made it up lol) on a nice sunny day. Well, reality was a completely different story because trust me, it was brutal. Almost 100 degrees (mid 30 Celsius) in chocking, stifling humidity. Ugh!

So, what to do on such hot day? Hmm....go to an event of course. An event in a massive greenhouse!.....yes, greenhouses retain warm air people! Ahhhh!!....ok we didn't realise it was in a greenhouse until we got there. Gah, it was hotter than outside! I'll also add I'm not one of those sentient beings who don't sweat in hot conditions and still look cute with makeup in tact. It literally pours (no exaggeration) down my face!...not cute.

Needless to say I was in no mood for photos that day but my chirpy blogger-in-crime cajoled me into taking these shots. And boy am I glad I did because they turned out pretty great! Thank God for good lighting, cute sunglasses and an awesome photographer. 

What do you think? Can you tell I'm sweating away half my body weight in these pics? Nah, neither can I lol!

P.S. I acquired this cute floaty number on a recent trip to Madrid, Spain. 

Photographed by gorgeous Dee of Deediary.com