High waisted jeans and a night out


'When in doubt throw on a pair of high-waisted of jeans!' That's the motto I live by when unplanned nights-out pop up on my calendar.

For this occasion,  I threw on my trusty black high-waisted jeans/jeggings from Topshop, my favorite winter/fall stripey crop top from Tobi and these comfortable heels from Aldo. Dressed up without trying too hard if I say so myself!

But let's talk about these braids I got installed in Nigeria. Love, love, love, LOVE!! Took only 2 and half hours to install (unheard of!!!), didn't hurt at all and cost less than $20, yes really!

It's the right length, perfect fullness with an awesome ombre effect. I loved every second I had it (except during showers when it became a nightmare to bundle up on my head!!). Another reason to love trips to Nigeria....ahhh...:)