Denim on denim on fishnets

This was taken on one of those weirdly warm December days we've been having recently in NYC. I'm loving it but it's giving me a case of wardrobe confusion lol...yeah yeah I know...when it's freezing we complain when it's mild we still complain! Lol

I've packed away my milder weather wardrobe but it's been too warmth to wear my wooly jumpers and turtlenecks ...ahhh!! #firstworldproblems #hehehe

So! This is my take on denim on denim - light denim shirt (perfect length and fit) and dark denim mini skirt, paired nicely with fitnet tights (with a rip or two for some edge ;) and my favourite Steve Madden booties. All in all a nice causal yet comfortable off-to-a-birthday-brunch outfit, don't you think? :)