The perfect ankara dress for a hot day


"In my previous post I talked about how I recycled some of my items back to back. Here, I'm repeating my gold sequined sneakers, purse and glasses the very next day. I couldn't resist because it went really well with my Ankara dress. The hat was the cherry on top. A cherry that was desperately needed to hide my face from the merciless summer sun.

This Ankara dress was a weird but nice gift from my mum. It was originally meant for her and was meant to be a long kaftan. Unfortunately, the tailor messed it up before he finished making it. My mum who is as particular as I am took it from him before he could ruin it completely. I was surprised when she presented me with an incomplete dress. The edges were rough and it wasn't even joined at the sides. It looked like a weird poncho! I gave my mum a suspicious look as I received the gift happily.

See, despite the way it looked I still thought the dress was beautiful just the way it was and knew it had a lot of potential. I knew instantly what to do with it. I had my tailor do one or two things, I won't say what, but I can tell you that this dress is so versatile now thanks to the original tailor's mistake. His mistake was my inspiration and I am looking forward to wearing it again."

Photographed by my lovely mum.