How to wear our Double Print Skirt with even more print!


Another week and another way to wear our Double Print skirts fabulously! You know how much we love print on Enma and I, so it'll be amiss of us not feature a print combo with one of our skirts. 

I know mixed prints aren't for everyone. Very busy and kinda risky, I know. You're basically one print away from becoming an eyesore lol. If you're new to this mixed print malacky, check out Enma's infomative posts and thank me later ;)

Our Double Print skirts are of course mixed prints. The obvious item to pair them with would be a simple solid colored piece. Fair enough, but if you decide to change things up a bit with a some print, here are 2 things to bear in mind:

1. Go for a print top with base color in white or black. Unless you have one in the exact same color and shade as the prints on the skirts. If you're like me, you probably don't have anything in your wardrobe in those shades so best to pick neutrals, primarily black and white. Black and white go with pretty much everything so you can focus on the next aspect, the print. 

2. Find a complimentary print piece with a simple print. Simple print? What's that? A piece with subtle or simple print design.

The key here is to follow Enma's print rule and make sure your piece has a colour or design in common with our Double Print skirt.

For this look, I picked a blouse with green and yellow floral design. Your eye is still drawn to the skirt but it gives this look a fun 50s feel, don't you think? 

And that's all it takes!

Find a relatively simple print top with a white or black base color and be prepared to turn heads in our Double Print skirts. In this case, our pretty pretty Chika Double Print skirt with yellow and black on one side and a pretty blue, purple and yellow on the other.

Go forth and share your mixed print fabulousness!

Photographed by partner-in-crime Enma