A retro way to style New Balance sneakers


There's something about 50s style - twirly skirts, pencil skirts, cinched to the waist perfection, quiffed updos - the fabulous girliness of it all! All surprisingly easy to achieve. So when I got my hands on these perfect teal New Balance sneakers, my first thought on how to style them was to go 50s! If you're also a 50s fan, here's how recreate this look:

Midi midi midi - Midi skirts were a 50s staple. Pencil skirts, a-line skirts, flared skirts, you name it! For this look I opted for this flared ankara print midi skirt because I felt it worked better with my sneakers. Very innocent Sandy from Grease. The puffier the better in my opinion. If you have a petticoat I say throw it on for even more puffy awesomeness.

Crop top and cardy - Next, I threw on a crop top, then wore and knotted my favourite mustard cardy round my waist. You can achieve the same with a t-shirt, tank top or a dress-shirt knotted and cinched over the waist. Bet you have one of those in your wardrobe.

A Quiff and Scarf - Here I styled my hair in my famous quiff and scarf updo. The bigger the quiff the better I say. Add statement earrings and cute sunnies if you want to stand out even more. 

Cool Sneakers Alert - Last and not least, I threw on my these adorable New Balance sneakers. Comfortable, vibrant and cute. Not necessarily era-appropriate but who cares, it pulled the entire look together!

So there you have it, a somewhat effortless 50s styled look. I bet you can find similar pieces in your wardrobe without buying a single new piece! Go head, give it a go ;)