What I love about the Double Print Skirt

The Double Print Skirt is amazing for many reasons. It's unique, versatile, pretty, etc. I love it for all that and more. Today, I want to discuss my three favorite reasons. I like to call them the 'three Fs' - Fit, Feminine and Fun!

Fit: All men, or should I say women, are created equal, but we all come in different shapes and sizes. It's not often that we find an item that's a great fit for everyone whether you're curvy or skinny, 5'2 or 6'3, or just average! The Double Print Skirt happens to be one of those styles that looks good on everyone. If you're trying to appear slimmer, it just does that. It hides the belly fat, big bum etc. If you want to hide the fact that you're not endowed with a shapely figure it does that too because it makes you look curvy.

Feminine: There's nothing more feminine than a flare skirt because it's a timeless style. I can't put into words right now, but you have to admit that any lady in a flare, poofy or flowy dress oozes femininity.

Fun: Hey, what's more playful than a colorful skirt with different prints on each side? And what about the bubble (aka balloon) effect. Nothing happier than bubbles and balloons, am I right?

Let us know what your favorite thing is about the Double Print Skirt.

Photographed by Chinny.