The best way to wear black

I love black!!! Some people think it's a depressing or boring color while others, like my niece, argue that it's not even a color to begin with. Well, I think it's a color and it happens to be my favorite. What's not to love about black? First, it's a classy color. Second, it's slimming and flattering on everyone. And third, everything pretty much goes with black.

As much as I love black, I have to wear it the right way to make it ummm. . . shall we say . . . more lovable. Gotta try to get the 'not a fan of black' folks to see the light - talk about irony. This can be accomplished with accessories that are playful, eye catching, colorful or vibrant. Bright colored makeup also helps. 

That's why I paired my black jumpsuit with my Mickey + Minnie Mouse t-shirt. What's more lovable and playful than Disney's favorite coulple, huh? Nothing depressing about them. Then I added my fun polka dot Pom Pom sneakers, matched with my polka dot scarf (remember I wore it as a neck scarf before). And of course I'd be lost without my #1 lipstain by Sephora. Nothing says vibrant more than red.

Now, tell me . . . Is my outfit boring or depressing? I think not. Spice up the blacks in your closet with fun loving colorful accessories.

Photographed by Nancy K.