A Christmas wedding or "work party" outfit


"I love Christmas and New Year, but I think Christmas might be my favorite holiday because of all the beautiful, glittery, Christmas decorations. This holiday season, let's not forget the true meaning of Christmas - that our Savior, Jesus Christ, was born in Bethlehem. A lot of people tend to get carried away and forget that Jesus Christ is literally what Christmas is all about.

Besides the colors, red and green, nothing says Christmas more than bright shiny lights and shiny clothes! That's why I decided to wear a sequined outfit for this Christmas photo shoot. After I settled on sequins, I thought about wearing a green and red Christmasy outfit but realized that I didn't have any, so I went back to my original plan.

During this time of year, most people are attending Christmas parties at work and at home, such as weddings. For Christmas parties at work, it's best to go for a look that says Christmas and fun, while maintaining a dash of professionalism and a hint of elegance. I think my three piece outfit accomplishes just that - it's a perfect 'Christmas work party' look. It can also be worn to a Christmas wedding. 

The three items I'm wearing were purchased from different stores and years apart. That's the beauty of pairing items as opposed to one piece outfits. When you pair different items, your options are limitless and you never know what you're going to create. I would never have guessed when I purchased this A-line 3/4 length sequin skirt in 2014 that I would be pairing it with my cream and black tuxedo-inspired jacket.

To liven up my look and make it more fun, I added colors. I went with red and green nails and red lips. My multicolored bejeweled pumps say "I'm all about Christmas." Doesn't it remind you of Christmas lights? This transparent sequin filled clutch was the perfect match for my shoes - and NO, I didn't put the sequins in the clutch, it was bought that way. I finished my look with these lovely green and red earrings, a wonderful gift from bloggie. I absolutely love them and they gave me the final touch of elegance and completed my Christmasy look."

Photographed by super talented, super gorgeous, super sweet bloggie.


Awww, you're too kind, Enma. You make it effortless. This entire look is AMAZING. Show of hands if you agree!