A red dress and sneakers kinda day


Ok. Let's talk about how skinny this dress made me look! Wow! Trust me I don't usually look like this. Maybe it's the lovely off-shoulder detail or fitted awesome-ness or the yummy tomato redcolor (and i hate tomatoes!!) or the length! I have no idea....maybe it's just Dinah's amazing phototaking skillz....whatever it was I love it! lol

I meant to wear nude or electric blue heels with this outfit but changed my mind at the thought of tottering around NYC in heels (torture!!!). I dug out comfy white keds and was pleasantly surprised how awesome this look turned out. It kinda dials down the va-va-voom of the dress and makes it more approachable. I bought it from Zara, got so excited I wore it the very next day :)

Photographed by talented Dinah from deediary.com