How to achieve a sexy laid back look


I'll go straight to the point. Here's the easiest way to achieve a sexy laid back look.

First thing to do is lose the heels. Since there's nothing laid back about heels it's best to stick with sneakers or flats. 

Next, limit your accessories. The key to a laid back look is simplicity. If the outfit is burdened by loads of jewelry then the goal is lost.

Then show a little bit of skin. You don't have to show skin to be sexy but there are times when one might have to go the extra mile to achieve that sexy look. The part of your body you choose to expose would depend on your level of comfort- legs, stomach, thighs, etc. However, be careful not to show too much skin. There's a thin line between sexy and trashy.

Here's the final but tricky one - makeup. It's tricky because your choice of makeup is the tipping point. Natural or little makeup achieves a laid back look. But if you go with a color like red, then you're leaning towards sexy. It's all up to you.

So here I am in today's post, trying to find the balance between laid back and sexy. What do you think?


Photographed by Caleb.