Cuban files: the easiest way to wear the off-shoulder trend


I'll admit it, I thought the off-shoulder trend would be a flash in the pan. Trendy today, gone tomorrow. Silly of me cos I have quite a few off-shoulder pieces from past seasons in my wardrobe. Yes, I was wrong. Forgive me fashion gods! lol 

Anyway, I've always been slightly reluctant to wear off-shoulder pieces . I'm quite broad shouldered (I've been called athletic in my day) and I've always been reluctant to wear anything that appears to 'accentuate' my shoulders. But, I haven't been able to resist them! 

So if you're like me and you're paranoid about your shoulders or just not sure how to wear off-shoulder pieces. Here's what you need to do.......get yourself a lovely loose fitting floral off-shoulder piece. Why? Here's why;

  1. It's loose! Big busted or flat chested. Doesn't matter. You'll look feminine and flirty
  2. Florals are oh so pretty. It'll distract every passerby and make you look ridiculously girly!
  3. Cinched in at the waist or maybe not. Up to you. Want a loose fitting boho look or fitted seductive look, go for it!
  4. It's fun and flirty. Who can resist the urge to look over your shoulder and give your audience a wink. You know you want to! ;)

Toned shoulders or not, you'll bring all the boys to the yard for sure :) in point, these outfits I wore during my recent trip to Cuba....ok I didn't bring the boys to the yards but I got tons of cat calls....the novelty wore out quick though lol

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Photographed by Dee -

Out on the streets of Old Havana. Found a chair in the street and thought why not?!

At the famous la guarida balcony and it's amazing rooftop.

Stunting during our vintage car tour through Central Havana.

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