Why mini backpacks are back


Mini backpacks were a total hit in the early and mid 90s. I was totally obsessed with them back then. I remember visiting the United States in 1996 and buying a bunch of them. They were great souvenirs to take back to Nigeria, which is where I lived at the time. Sadly, by the late 90s the trend started to die down as it was quickly replaced by mini shoulder bags - the ones that fit under the arm because of their short straps.

Just in case you haven't noticed, mini backpacks have made a comeback, as they should. Here are two reasons why I believe they couldn't stay away.

1. They are convenient - of all the bags that man has ever or would ever invent, I promise you that none would ever be as convenient as a backpack. The double shoulder straps allow one's hands to be free as the bag rests securely on the back. It's also the perfect bag to sprint and catch that train.

2. They are cute - regular sized backpacks are usually bulky and cumbersome, and not quite as elegant as a lady would like, but mini backpacks are the perfect size for a lady. They are small enough to look good with our outfits and large enough to hold all the stuff we're convinced we can't do without.

Granted, I understand some folks might be reluctant to carry a mini backpack because they feel it's too casual. Might I make a suggestion?  If you want to wear it formally,  consider the fabric and color of the bag when buying one. I believe these factors play a major role. For instance, dark or neutral colors such as black, navy blue or nude tend to be formal. As for fabrics, a leather bag is formal as opposed to a denim bag.

In today's post, I'm carrying a velvet mini backpack. I think this bag is a perfect example of a backpack that can be worn formally and casually. This is because velvet is a rich and elegant fabric - there's nothing casual about velvet. Plus, the plum color isn't too bright.

Mini backpacks in the bag world are what block heels are in the shoe world - fashionable and comfortable. Nothing beats that, and I really hope they are here to stay.

Photographed by Chinny.