Repeating a Nigerian traditional attire - (wrapper)


"Does this Nigerian traditional outfit look familiar? I wore this blouse in a previous post but with a different wrapper - see picture below. Wrappers are very common amongst the Igbo ("Ibo") tribe in Nigeria. It's basically a piece of fabric tied around the waist to look like a skirt.

I was unexpectedly asked to attend a traditional wedding. I accepted the invitation even though I was invited the morning of the event. I'm not usually spontaneous and don't attend events unless I've had adequate notice to plan for it. But I agreed mostly because I was asked by my very close friend, and it gave me an opportunity to spend time with her.

I had to come up with an outfit fast, and the only thing I had that was appropriate for an "Igbo" traditional wedding was this multicolored blouse. I attempted to borrow my mum's green wrapper which I had worn with the blouse two years ago, but she couldn't find it. My sister came to my rescue by letting me borrow her red wrapper.

Since I have red braids, I accessorized with bold red earrings and pouty red lips. I figured too much red isn't such a bad thing during this festive period.

I must confess I believe I looked better in reality. However, based on the pictures which look do you prefer?"