Print Queens: my sister, the ankara rockstar!


Introducing our fab new series, Print Queens! For the wonderful print loving and slaying fashionistas in our lives. First in our series is Enma's ankara rockstar sister. Enjoy!


"What can I say about my sister's taste in ankara fabrics? My sister is the Queen Bee of ankara. Her love for ankara is so contagious that I've caught the disease. If you're a regular reader then you know that she is responsible for some of my ankara fabrics.

Not only does she have excellent taste, but she's also able to pick the right style for each ankara fabric. If you think I'm kidding then take a look at her pictures below. She even designs her daughters' ankara clothes perfectly.

Her choice in ankara fabrics is also quite vast. She goes beyond the usual cotton ankara and rocks ankara in chiffon, sequin, silk and jersey fabrics. It's no wonder she has recently become a distributor for Patrick Anyanski, an ankara fabric company in Nigeria. Now that she can spread her ankara wings, come let's fly with her on Instagram @omylistic and @ijelefc.

To my sister - I just want to say thank you for the wonderful inspiration you have been to me, and I'm not just talking about fashion. You rock, and I love you to bits and pieces.

P.S. I threw in a couple pictures of her wearing lace as a traditional nigerian attire. I just couldn't resist."

Left - a combination of cotton ankara and chiffon ankara (the cape is made from chiffon ankara)Middle cotton ankara combined with white cotton lace. Righta wrapper and blouse made from cotton ankara.

Left - she paired two different ankara fabrics and made a dress for her and her daughters. I honestly thought the dresses were made from one piece of fabric when I saw it. Her pairing skills are sick! Middle - she's wearing a chiffon ankara dress. Right - she's wearing a combination of sequin and chiffon- the upper part of the dress is sequin ankara and the bottom is chiffon ankara.

Left - she's wearing the usual cotton ankara- cute yellow outfit right? Right - she's wearing a simple dress made from jersey ankara.

Left and right - she's wearing a silk ankara skirt and a wrapper and blouse made from silk ankara.

Feast your eyes on more looks including her lovely yellow and blue ankara chiffon gown on the top left.