What to wear in Cuba - print daytime look

As you can tell from the title I recently went to Cuba...and it was amazing!! Everything I imagined and more (and sometimes less lol!). The vintage cars, the colourful buildings, beautiful art and welcoming locales. I went with bloggers friends and boy, was it fun! There's nothing like traveling with kindred spirits who love to glam up and take countless numbers of photos. We had lots of ups and downs but definitely an amazing experience. Both ladies blogged about our trip. Check them out, deediary.com and everythingcuvyandchic.com. Thank me later ;)

Day 1 in Cuba was spent exploring glorious and surprisingly crowded Old Havana. Colour me surprised by the number of tourists wandering around. After some weird encounters that opened our eyes to the shadiness of the locales, we found our way to Malecón which is basically a long seawall by the water. We enjoyed the magnificent views and got serenaded a time or two by local singing troupes. Definitely an experience. 

Now on to my outfit! I chose to embrace the Cuba vibrancy by pairing this colourful ankara print (african print) midi pencil skirt with this not-so-subtle nod to NYC crop t-shirt. Very much aware I was going to walk for most of the day, I wore these so so comfortable zebra print sandals and packed my tourist essentials (2 cameras, hand sanitizer, IDs etc) in my trusty Cambridge Company Satchel. I tied a lil' scarf round my fro, put on big gold hoops, added Colored raine, Roulette to my lips and finally, wore these AMAZING sunglasses I bought on a life-changing thrifting expedition a few weeks ago (can't wait to tell you about it!!). Guys, these glasses are EVERYTHING!! The best $12 I've ever spent!! Prepare to see them in pretty much all my upcoming posts (sorry not sorry lol). 

Cuba was amazing to say the least. For the next few weeks, I'll be sharing more looks and fun experiences we had on the trip....here's a teaser, I went to tobacco farm and tried something I've never done before....and liked it ;)

Photographed by the genius Dinah - deediary.com

Crowded Old Havana in all its glory

Amazing locales and architecture

Malecons sunset