These amazing Skunkboy Panda Pearl Bonlook frames


Suprise! I wear glasses. Yes, actual reading glasses. Sadly, I can't see anything far away without them...blame it on my genes.  

Before I caved in and got myself a pair, I was that person squinting at signs, the movie screen, at colleagues in work of my colleagues actually thought it was my 'thinking' face...yeah...

My first pair were quite sensible. Clean lines, brown frames...nice and sensible....but I always forgot to wear them! A few years later, I decided to be a bit more adventurous. I tried on lots of fun styles and settled on simple slightly cateye-esque pair from Warby Parker (soooooo comfortable).

Recently thanks to Instagram, I've come across LOTS of fun eyewear brands, my favorite being Bonlook right now. They have sooooo many cute styles and are surprisingly quite affordable. I had been browsing their site for weeks and finally caved in during Black Friday weekend ending up with 5 pairs! Yup! That bad. 

My favorite being these beauties called Skunkboy Panda Pearl. A badass name for these awesome frames. As soon as I tried them, I knew we were meant to be. Cat eye (you know I love me some cat-eye), 2 toned and perfectly proportioned. Statement frames but still kinda low key. It elevates the most boring outfit and takes an already killer outfit to a whole new level. This post-snow day was the perfect time to give these babies a spin and boy, did they shine! I ADORE them. Yes, I do!

P.S. Keep a look out for my write up on the 4 other frames I bought. Some were great, some weren't but they were all so fun! 

Photographed by talented Dinah - @dee.diary