Irresistible lacey lilac big teal


"I'm wearing Revlon's Irresistible, Lacey Lilac and Big Teal, both by Sally Hansen.

I applied two coats of Big Teal to the bottom third of each nail. Then two coats of Lacey Lilac to the middle third. Finally, two coats of Irresistible."

How to wear a bomber jacket formally


A bomber jacket is a casual jacket that was very popular in the 80's.  They are usually worn casually with jeans or mini skirts. Although most bomber jackets are unisex, you can still find ones specifically for women, like the one I have on in today's post.  I fell in love with it instantly mostly because of its pale pink color - absolutely feminine.

Although bomber jackets are worn casually, I wanted to do something different with mine. I wanted to wear it formally. To achieve that I knew I would need to pair it with an item that would elevate my entire look. So I chose my high waisted culottes.

My final ensemble looks so formal/classy that it's easy to forget that I'm wearing a Bomber Jacket. It's amazing how one item can elevate the look of another. Of course a pair of nice heels are usually necessary to achieve that elevated look.

Speaking of shoes, I'm absolutely in love with my Charlotte Olympia pumps - another amazing gift from my sister from another mother, Noma. I paired it with my Vintage Diary inspired clutch. You gotta love the gold and pale pink contrast on both items.

If you own a bomber jacket or anything in that category, I hope this post encourages you to push boundaries by wearing it formally.

Photographed by Chinny


The "not so common" rule to mixing prints


In a previous post, I stated that the key to mixing prints is to ensure that they have at least one common color. However, I also pointed out that one can get away with not obeying this rule. For folks who aren't adventurous, I suggest that you stick to the 'common color rule' until you're comfortable enough to venture beyond that. One has to be very familiar with mixing prints before daring to break the 'common color rule.' We don't want to be blamed if you end up looking ridiculous :).

Besides color, there are other things to keep in mind when pairing prints such as the design on the fabric, etc. But one question I like to ask myself when I have two prints without a common color is, "would these colors go well together on any given day?" If the answer is yes, then I know I can attempt to pair them.

For instance, the colors blue and red usually go well together. So if print A is predominantly blue and print B is mainly red, then both prints are likely to compliment each other. Feel free to take the design on both fabrics into consideration as well.

In today's post I paired my blue, yellow and green Ankara print skirt with my black and white print top. This was an easy combination because the colors black and white pretty much go with everything. I also considered the design on both prints. They both have flowers on them so I was convinced that the combo would work.

If you're a newbie to mixing prints, get comfortable with the 'common color rule' then slowly slip out of your comfort zone into the world of uncommon rules.

Photographed by Chinny.

A retro way to style New Balance sneakers


There's something about 50s style - twirly skirts, pencil skirts, cinched to the waist perfection, quiffed updos - the fabulous girliness of it all! All surprisingly easy to achieve. So when I got my hands on these perfect teal New Balance sneakers, my first thought on how to style them was to go 50s! If you're also a 50s fan, here's how recreate this look:

Midi midi midi - Midi skirts were a 50s staple. Pencil skirts, a-line skirts, flared skirts, you name it! For this look I opted for this flared ankara print midi skirt because I felt it worked better with my sneakers. Very innocent Sandy from Grease. The puffier the better in my opinion. If you have a petticoat I say throw it on for even more puffy awesomeness.

Crop top and cardy - Next, I threw on a crop top, then wore and knotted my favourite mustard cardy round my waist. You can achieve the same with a t-shirt, tank top or a dress-shirt knotted and cinched over the waist. Bet you have one of those in your wardrobe.

A Quiff and Scarf - Here I styled my hair in my famous quiff and scarf updo. The bigger the quiff the better I say. Add statement earrings and cute sunnies if you want to stand out even more. 

Cool Sneakers Alert - Last and not least, I threw on my these adorable New Balance sneakers. Comfortable, vibrant and cute. Not necessarily era-appropriate but who cares, it pulled the entire look together!

So there you have it, a somewhat effortless 50s styled look. I bet you can find similar pieces in your wardrobe without buying a single new piece! Go head, give it a go ;)