Three Reasons Why I love Graphic Tees

Hi, guys! So I love graphic tees, like a lot! I could list a whole bunch of reasons why but only if I had all the time in the world. Fun, attitude, cool, interesting. expressive, showstopper, unique are just a few of the reasons.  In today's post, I'll try to limit it to my top three.

Fun: What could be more exciting than a colorful tee. Most graphic tees are engraved with colorful animation - just enough to lift up your spirit and put a smile on the faces of everyone that sees you. Put on a graphic piece, and I guarantee that it would brighten your day :) .


Interesting/Showstopper/Expressive: I'll kill three birds with one stone here because these three reasons are somewhat connected. Every graphic tee is expressive in some way, either by the words written on it or the image displayed. A graphic tee can tell people the sort of person you are or what you like. It is an automatic showstopper as the person looking at you would be forced to take a moment to absorb what they see on your tee., and naturally their interest in you is piqued. Get it?


Cool: Graphic tees are just too cool for school. Nuff said!

I hope I've convinced you to invest in a graphic tee. Why shouldn't you? After all, they are also perfect for every season. Yup, I just casually threw in another reason, lol! I couldn't help myself.

In today's post, I enhanced the image on my tee by accessorizing with colorful earrings and a colorful ankara hair scarf.


Photographed by Ije.