The perfect spring jacket.

Spring is in the air!!! Yippeeee!!! Well, not exactly. At least, not in Jersey, lol. It is officially spring, so even though it doesn't feel like it I believe I'm allowed to talk spring fashion. Besides, it's something to look forward to until the weather around these parts gets the memo that it's spring.


I love spring. It's all about warmer temperature, and beautiful colors and fragrances embodied in blooming flowers. So fashion around this time should represent all of that. In today's post I'm showcasing this color blocking mid length jacket which I got from TJ Maxx. Not only are the colors perfect for spring, but the fabric  is thick enough to keep one warm on cool spring days. 


Another great thing about this jacket is that it can be worn with absolutely anything. Yes, wear it with a short or long dress, a skirt, dress pants, shorts, jeans, etc and it would totally work. It also goes with different styles of shoes - booties, sandals, sneakers, pumps. Honestly, you can't go wrong with a jacket like this.


So if you haven't had the chance to shop for a spring jacket yet keep the following in mind when hunting for one - Color scheme, fabric texture, and cut. I hope you find the perfect jacket for you. :) Happy hunting!