A Christmasy Nigerian Traditional Outfit

Please don't be sick of this look yet. This is my third post on Nigerian traditional wrappers. If you haven't read my previous posts I'll explain a bit. It's basically two yards of fabric wrapped around the waist to look like a skirt. Usually worn with blouses to traditional Nigerian weddings, it's an easy and comfortable way to get dressed.


In 2015, I wrote my first post on Nigerian wrappers. In that post, I had on this same wrapper (my mum's actually) but with a short sleeved blouse. I had a last minute wedding to attend and decided to try something different. I paired the wrapper with a strapless blouse this time. It's not the usual combination but it still works.


I accessorized with a borrowed gold jewelry set from my mum. Yeah, my mum definitely hooked me up on this one. Thanks, mama!