How to look fabulous without going bankrupt

I'm all about looking fabulous without going bankrupt. That's why I strive to find amazing deals on clothes. Don't get me wrong, I could spend a fortune on an item but it has to be one of a kind, high quality and totally worth it.  In today's post I would like to offer a few tips on how to look fabulous in inexpensive clothes.


Who doesn't like to save money now and then?  I know I do. Does that make me cheap? i think not. It makes me wise. One major thing to remember when wearing an inexpensive item is to be confident. No one knows how much you spent on your outfit except you. As a matter of fact, you should pat yourself on the back for scoring an awesome deal. Notice I referred to affordable items as "inexpensive" and not "cheap?" How you perceive your outfit is how people would end up perceiving you. So be confident and own your inexpensive and wise choice. 


Next thing to do is to pair your inexpensive item with your most expensive accessories. Wear your best bag, shoes, sunglasses, watch etc. Don't forget about your fabulous hair and perfect makeup. Trust me, everything would come together nicely.


In today's post I'm wearing a $5 dress which I bought years ago. It was a sample sale and that's why it was inexpensive. My confidence level is high in this outfit. Black has that effect on me. I kept my accessories simple but made sure they elevated the dress. What's the verdict?