The easiest way to (1) alter ego your look (2) blend pieces of the same color

Alter Ego, defined by Merriam-Webster. com as a "different version of oneself," is relevant to fashion. "Why is that?", you ask. Here’s why. It’s important to have/own your style and be happy with the person God has intended you to be, however, redundancy can be boring. It's always exciting to switch things up a bit. You know, throw people off. In today's post, I'll provide a few tips on how to accomplish that. In addition, I'll be explaining the best way to blend a two piece outfit using the same color.


Let's work backwards by starting with the latter. When you want to pair a top with bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts) that have the same color you should pair different fabrics. Two different fabrics of the same color create an illusion that one is wearing a one piece. It gives the entire outfit a natural blend/fluidity as opposed to when the fabric type of both pieces is the same. In one of my outfits from today's post, I paired a cream cotton lace top with a cream tafetta skirt. Everyone assumed I was wearing a dress and they loved it!


Let’s proceed to "alter ego-ing" your look. There are different ways to do this but hair and makeup are always my top two. Another sure way is fabric color. Compare my two outfits in today's post. The black outfit is fierce, bold and confident, while the cream one is sweet, angelic and approachable. Both looks are different because of the different color of makeup and outfit. My red lips combined with the black outfit delivers a powerful personality because black represents strength and red is sexy - which implies confidence. My nude lips worn with the cream outfit produces a softer version of myself. 


I hope I've demonstrated how the color of an outfit and makeup can represent two different personalities. Play around with colors and fabrics in your closets and create two opposite versions of yourself. Let me know how it goes 🙂