Fun facts about my outfit


"Okay . . . First of all I'm not wearing a dress. This is a two piece outfit that I put together. I bought the top and skirt from the same store and on the same day in 2014. From the moment I saw them I knew they would go well together - one of the advantages of in store shopping.

I've talked about my love for two piece outfits in the past but I want to reiterate my feelings. Two piece outfits are awesome because not only can you mix and match each piece with other items in your closet but the chances of someone else wearing the exact outfit/combination is very slim. I'm happy to know that it's very unlikely someone else is or will be wearing this exact top and skirt from the pictures below.

Another fun fact about this outfit is that the skirt is actually a high low skirt but I'm wearing it sideways. From the moment I tried on this outfit in the fitting room I knew I liked the skirt better sideways. After all sideways high low skirts were all the rage in the 2000s.

Even though I bought this outfit two years ago I'm just wearing it for the first time because the opportunity did not present itself sooner. Within the past two years high low skirts/dresses have been all the rage and I'm quite happy to add a little twist to mine. I think my decision to wear the skirt sideways worked out well in the end.

I went with black and gold accessories all the way including my nails. I attempted to match my nails to my clutch. Attempt failed!

P.S below is a picture of me wearing this outfit in the fitting room two years ago. Don't you agree that sideways is much better? Find something in your closet and make it work for you by adding a twist ;)"

Photographed by My beautiful mummy.