Why every girl should have high-waisted bikini bottoms


Swimwear, swimwear, swimwear.....that dreaded word. Well, it was for me most of adult life. Finding a decent flattery piece has always been a challenge for me. All my flaws on full display for the world to see! Ugh! A trip to the spa, beach or local swimming pool, caused so much dread! 

As I've gotten older and more confident in my body, it's thankfully, gotten a bit easier. However, I've always struggled with bikini bottoms.

String bikini bottoms end up putting half my bum on display, standard bikini briefs have that dreaded excess fabric in the crotch area and one piece swimsuits end up looking kinda shapeless on me. 

All that changed, when I discovered high waisted bikini bottoms!

I had seen them in stores but never thought to give them a go till I saw a few fierce bloggers  rock them effortlessly and fabulously a few years ago. Inspired, I decided to try them out and boy, am I glad I did! 

Ladies, if you're like me with ample hips and thick thighs or you're just uncomfortable in swimwear, here's why you need high-waisted bikini bottoms in your life:

1. They hide wobbly bits and pieces!

Haven't got a wash board stomach (who does?!)? No problemo, it covers it right up! Your booty and hips are on the wobbly side (like most women!!)? It streamlines them nicely. 

2. It's corsetting powers!

Every girl has a lil hourglass diva in them and high waisted bikini bottoms brings it right out! Bought in the right size, it'll suck in your waist nicely and smooth over your hips. Instant hour glass definition when you need it!


3. It's so so feminine!

Of course they are! High-waisted bikini bottoms were popularised in one of my favourite era - the 50s! An era I like to call 'high waisted heaven'. Something about having your waist cinched in and accentuated makes a girl feel all sorts of womanly!

4. The endless mix and match potential!

I don't know about you but I feel every high-waisted bottom I've come across seems unique in it's own special way. I tend not to buy matching pairs but simply buy different singles, then mix and match them to my hearts content with an endless array of bikini tops. Case in point, most of my looks in this post. These shots were taken over the past 3 years and if you look closely you'll notice bottom and tops are repeated in different combinations resulting entirely different looks! Yes, you'll get your money's worth and more by investing in a variety of high-waisted bikini bottoms. 

Have I convinced you yet? Summers almost over but there's still time to get your hands on a pair and stay slaying ;)

Scroll back to get your hands on a few of my favs!