Red, red and more red ;)


I love me some red obviously ;)

I didn't realise how many red pieces I had in my wardrobe till I threw this outfit together. Shirts, heels, belt, necklace and of course good ol' bright red lippy. It might seem like a lot but I feel it totally works because the simple grey dress and hints of silver in my earrings, belt, earrings and nails tone down the vibrancy slightly.

Can we talk about my hair?! Styled by lil ol' me ;)...hmmm....maybe I should start documenting how I achieve these styles cos God knows it never comes out the same when I try the same style again lol 

These gorgeous pics (if I do say so myself!!) were taken by SUPER talented Dee of Her lifestyle blog  is GORGEOUS! You need to check it out. She had me doing all sorts of poses and feeling myself ;)