The perfect ankara tie for an ankara work shirt


"Last year I asked my sister to make a couple of ankara ties and scarves with scraps of fabric. She gladly obliged. I was really happy with them when she gave them to me. I was even happier when I realized this particular tie fit my ankara shirt perfectly. Who says ankara isn't for the corporate world?

This was one of those outfits where I was confused about what color of lipstick to wear. I believe that a lipstick color is very vital to each outfit. It can make or break a look.

I wrestled with dark red or orange but I ultimately settled for orange lipstick - Tenne by Nicka K New York. I know it's a bit "matchy matchy" but that works sometimes.

I think I made the right choice and I have to thank Yemisi for helping me validate my decision. I also have to thank my sister for having her tailor make this ankara tie at my request." 

Photographed by Yemi O.