Two fabric ankara pants


"I'm always looking for ways to push fashion boundaries by coming up with bold outfits. That's why I was excited about my two fabric ankara pants. By the grace of God, I have mastered the art of mixing different prints and was looking forward to designing pants that feature two fabrics.

My sister has an eye for ankara fabrics and she told me she had a couple to give me. I asked her to send pictures because I was eager to see if it would be possible to pair two of the fabrics to create this look, which I had recently thought of.

She sent pictures, and when I saw these two ankara fabrics, I knew they would go well together. I followed my mix print rule. Both fabrics have the colors black and white in common. Also, the pattern of the fabrics go well together. Plus, you can never go wrong with pairing red with yellow.

I had some extra fabric left, so I used it as a head scarf. I completed my look with my lace choker and these unnecessary earrings (I couldn't resist the earrings because they compliment the ankara print). I was pretty excited about this look, and the pants are so comfortable."

Photographed by Soma and Didi.