Getting away with wearing a costume tiara/tiara hairband informally


"Costume tiaras are often associated with formal events such as weddings, balls, or prom, but who says you can't wear a tiara casually? Sure, maybe a girl can dare to wear it with a flirty dress, but I'll take it a step further. Who says you can't wear a tiara with pants? No one.

Here's how to get away with wearing a costume tiara/tiara hairband in an informal way.

1. Pair it with a piece that fits into the theme of a tiara: You can achieve this by;

(a) consider its history - Going back, we know that tiara has everything to do with royalty.  Royalty dates all the way back to medieval times and even further.

(b) consider the usual way a tiara is worn -  Like I previously mentioned, in this day and age tiaras are usually worn to formal events.

So find a piece that fits into 1(a) or 1(b).

2. Wear a modern piece: You don't want to look like a fish out of water in your costume tiara. Make your tiara current by pairing it with something modern and trendy. That will take some attention away from the tiara.

3. Wear the right makeup and hairstyle: Depending on what modern piece you choose to pair your costume tiara with, go for makeup that will pull the entire look together. It all has to fit nicely. Also, style your hair appropriately. Stay away from overwhelming hairstyles and keep it simple. Besides, you want to show off that gorgeous tiara right?

Bearing all this in mind, my green velvet top was my first option because velvet was often worn by royals and nobles. I chose my print pants as my modern piece because print is so in right now and it's not backing down. I pulled my hair back and I finished with brownish red lipstick.

The truth is I unwittingly went for a medieval theme. It was actually Bloggie that pointed it out. I was just trying to make my costume tiara work by pairing it with pieces that stayed true to its origin while remaining modern.

Here are other examples of informal pairings that you can wear with a costume tiara.

(I) A tulle or flare skirt paired with an off shoulder top. Why? A tulle or flare skirt is "princessy" and fits into the theme of a tiara, and off shoulder tops are trending right now.

(II) A burgundy one piece, such as a dress or jumpsuit. Why? Burgundy is a popular color from medieval times. Don't you think it will look lovely with a bronze costume tiara?

After reading this, I hope you're bold enough to wear a tiara in an informal way. Go ahead and be the Queen of your life.

P.S. thumbs up to my amazing friend, Noma, for these lovely miu miu suede shoes. A gift from ages ago that has stayed true and current."

Photographed by Queen Bloggie.