How to wear a bomber jacket formally


A bomber jacket is a casual jacket that was very popular in the 80's.  They are usually worn casually with jeans or mini skirts. Although most bomber jackets are unisex, you can still find ones specifically for women, like the one I have on in today's post.  I fell in love with it instantly mostly because of its pale pink color - absolutely feminine.

Although bomber jackets are worn casually, I wanted to do something different with mine. I wanted to wear it formally. To achieve that I knew I would need to pair it with an item that would elevate my entire look. So I chose my high waisted culottes.

My final ensemble looks so formal/classy that it's easy to forget that I'm wearing a Bomber Jacket. It's amazing how one item can elevate the look of another. Of course a pair of nice heels are usually necessary to achieve that elevated look.

Speaking of shoes, I'm absolutely in love with my Charlotte Olympia pumps - another amazing gift from my sister from another mother, Noma. I paired it with my Vintage Diary inspired clutch. You gotta love the gold and pale pink contrast on both items.

If you own a bomber jacket or anything in that category, I hope this post encourages you to push boundaries by wearing it formally.

Photographed by Chinny