When your red hair becomes an accessory


"This is another outfit that came together at the last minute. It's not complicated, but it's definitely not simple. I knew I wanted to wear my polka dot chiffon blouse, but I went back and forth between these capris and red ones. I decided to go with black.

I didn't like the look. I felt there was something missing, plus the blouse didn't fit the way I wanted. Then, I remembered I had this black corduroy vest. I bought it eight years ago during a massive sale at Joyce Leslie (sadly, out of business). The vest gave me the fit I wanted. When I realized I had a cool look going, I wore my black booties instead of pumps - my first option. I added my favorite fall/winter shades.

My red hair completed the look. It added a splash of color and excitement to this outfit. It was much needed spice. I feel confident that this look would have been different with black hair. That's why my hair is my favorite thing about this look."

Photographed by Nancy K.