That black and white tie jumpsuit


"3 reasons why I love two piece outifts. They are: (1) Versatile; (2) Economical; (3) Practical.

  1. VERSATILE: I'm allowed to be creative as I mix and match different pieces. I'm challenged to find different ways I can wear a piece and what I can pair it with. It also causes me to push fashion boundaries by discovering innovative ways to wear a piece.
  2. ECONOMICAL: With social media, it is hard for women to get away with wearing the same outfit more than once thereby forcing them to buy a new outfit each time they have a very special event to attend. However, with two piece outfits anything is possible and you can get away with wearing the same piece but with a different twist. It saves you money and you end up getting your money's worth for that outfit -  something else I love by the way 😉. (P.S. trying a different hairstyle and makeup also makes an outfit appear different).
  3. PRACTICAL: Living through four seasons a year can be a pain when it comes to clothes. I find myself with a limited amount of time to wear my summer clothes. I won't mention winter because all I can think about during the winter season is surviving the cold. With two piece outfits I can find practical ways to wear the same piece in the scorching heat or blistering cold. I can also add a second piece to a one piece outfit for the same effect. e.g Wearing a blazer with a dress.

These 3 reasons are why I was very happy to combine my seemingly one piece jumpsuit (a gift from my amazingly generous friend, Noma) with a crisp white shirt and tie. I previously wore this jumpsuit in the Summer and I felt like wearing it again but knew it would be too bare for the Fall. BOOM! It hit me. Wear a shirt and make it a two piece. One word. AWESOOOMMEEE!!!!" Photographed by Nancy K. 

Bloggie's comments:

"Hands up if you're going to replicate this style. I am!! ;)"