Reflections....and a work day in ankara print pants


....I'm in a pensive mood today....not surprising after the shocking elections results of yesterday. I never ever thought this would be the outcome....naive, maybe but it's left me this society we live in? Exclusion, sexism and all round despicable behaviour gets rewarded?

I guess I need to hold on to the fact that all can't be lost...maybe everything happens for a reason? I can't see it now but I'm praying for strength to focus on the positives (which are few and far between right now!) and not let this election warp my perspective.....the next few years will interesting to say the least.....I still feel sad and discouraged....but I plan on keeping my head up high and not losing hope in our society...

Well. I'm pretty sure you're reading this post for pretty pictures so I'll try to talk about that at least :)

This was one of those i'm-not-so-sure-of looks. Trust me, this happens quite a bit. I threw these pieces together pretty last minute and still wasn't excited by the entire look after these shots were taken....but it's kinda grown on me...

These pants are guessed it! my ankara god-mother!!! (yes, she's an amazing person!!), this pretty blouse is from good ol' asos, this olive green blazer is from zara, earrings are from baublebar (love 'em) and these uber comfy heels are from aldo. Funny enough this is one of those rare times where I chose to wear a nude lip....I'm a bold lip kinda girl but sometimes you have to do what the look calls for.

Photographed by lovely Enma