Neon pinks, reds, plums and purples oh my!


I love me some colour! Not just any colour, BRIGHT colours! Bold pinks, bright reds, neon greens, shiny blues, you name it! Most of time I'm not brave enough to wear them together but I obviously was on this day. Cut out top, flowy skirt, strappy heels, stud earrings and diy nails (inspired by Enma's nail posts), colour everywhere....strangely enough it kinda worked! 

On another note, the humidity in NYC right now wrecks havoc on my hair. I leave the house with an awesome twist-out and a few hours later I have a shrunken undefined hair does end up super soft and happy but not great for styling...can't have it all, I guess...natural struggles lol ;)

Photographed by the awesomely talented Dee from