Going green (an ankara style)


I know I'm green all over but I felt it was very appropriate considering these pictures were taken in my homeland, Nigeria. I designed this outfit but it didn't come out exactly the way I had hoped.

What I love about this outfit besides the wide leg pants is the scarf. It takes me back to the early 2000s when it was in. Can you believe there isn't a name for 2000 - 2009 era? We have the 20s, 50s, etc but nothing for 2000- 2009. Unless something has changed since I last researched it. Anyway, I love most of the outfits from that era. Maybe because that was when I was becoming a woman and getting more familiar with my body and all the appropriate outfits for it.

I loved the high low skirts, the scarves, cowboy hats, V cut skirts, tops and dresses, bandanas! The list goes on. I plan on taking my readers back to that era with some upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

Photographed by Akudo.