The haunting! featuring green necklace


"Brace yourself! I warned you that this week's post would feature the colors purple and green. Well, here we are!

This simple purple dress was instantly transformed by my green sea shell necklace. A small fact about this necklace: I got it 3 years ago from TJ Maxx but returned iy and I honestly can't say I know why I did so. However, for years this necklace continued to haunt me each time I walked into a TJ Maxx store. The necklace refused to go away.  In fact the more I saw it the happier I was that I didn't get it. I figured if they've had it all these years then it must be a hit with customers meaning the whole word owns it and if that's the case it's lost its alluring nature as far as I'm concerned. It didn't even occur to me that maybe they still had it because no one was buying it! Who knows. I do know that last year I walked into a TJ Maxx in Seattle to find this necklace on sale. At my friends urging, I purchased it again two years later. I almost returned it again but didn't. I really don't get me sometimes because I absolutely love this necklace and always have.

Anyway, back to my outfit. I was saying the necklace brought my dress to life and the flowered pumps didn't hurt either. Find a simple dress in your closet and transform it! Who knows maybe you can still find this necklace at TJ Maxx. It comes in turquoise and coral too."

Photographed by Caleb.