Why a button dress/shirt dress isn't just another dress


"I'll go straight to the point. A button dress/shirt dress isn't just another dress. I like to think of it as a convertible dress. Why? Because you can wear it as a jacket. It doesn't matter how long or short the dress is, what matters is that you pair it appropriately. The funny thing is you'll have people giving you compliments like, "cool jacket!" That's right. They'll have no clue you're wearing "just another dress."

Versatility in a piece is key for me and that's why I love my denim button dress. I got it from Forever 21 a while ago, and I've been itching to wear it as a jacket. The fact that it's denim also helps because denim goes with everything - it's no wonder that denim is trending right now. I paired it with my ankara skirt, a simple white top, and dark denim pumps.

Go ahead and experiment with a button dress from your closet. You'll get your money's worth. While you stay tuned for other looks in this dress, below is a picture of another button dress which I wore as a jacket last year.

Photographed by Bloggie